Used St Andrews Cross for sale

 Tripod style
 Large eyehooks for varied restraint options
 Sturdy handcrafted (I think pine from memory?)
 Excellent condition,
 Black Gloss Finish,

$300 ono.  Great Christmas pressie idea :)  Email me at if interested 

Ive been trying out some new designs, this one quickly arrived thanks to a deadline in a creativity contest 'Ocean in the Motion'.  I think add it to my range :)
The fun bit of private orders......packaging up and posting :)

My mother, unbeknowst to me,  sneakily snapped this nice natural and unposed picture of me hard at work on some filigree orders - I think I look almost ephemeral, and its my new favourite photo of me.
For those living or visiting perth you must check out one of our stockists Beyond the Trapdoor, not only do they carry Vk Leather products but lots and lots of incredibly amazing rockability, goth and steampunk wares.

Check them out at


I asked Paolina Sie to come up with a simple anime goth girl wearing one of my cat chokers for an advertising banner and this is the amazing work that she presented me with. 

Very talented lady.  I really couldnt be more pleased!

A lot of sellers are laser cutting filligree into leather, but the catches are....

a) they are made from very thin leather
b) they are more expensive
c) they arent made by a 'leatherworker' who understands how leather can be structured well
c) they really do not fall under the catagory of 'handmade'

Mine are handmade, and Im a skilled leatherworker.  Here are a few of the steps (not all though, every craftsman needs to keep a few trade secrets)

                                                Handmade 'Sade' Choker.
Tada!  A completed 'Handcrafted' filligree leather choker by vkleather.

I absolutely adore the treasuries on etsy.  So visually pleasing and better than browsing magazines for creative eye candy.  So imagine how nice it is for me when one of my products are featured like the example below.


Vk Leather has been creating handcrafted leather filigree chokers and wristbands